Sunday, October 24, 2010

Small update

    I wanted to make this update to acknowledge the fact that I finally hit 50 followers, and to inform you of what the next series of posts are going to be about. 

    If you read my last post, you might have seen a sentence that said I was going to be going of gradient maps in my next post. Well, I'm actually going to be going over each of the adjustment layers, not only gradient maps. 

    Also, I'm going to be placing a link to SigResource in each of my important posts from now on, in case any new readers to my blog are interested in joining a graphics forum, but don't know where to look.

    Anyhow, I figured I couldn't simply make a post without having something relevant to graphics in it, so I'm going to close this update with a showing of some of the recent tags I've made in the past week.

I made this with a majority of it being pentooling.

I threw this together for a battle against a friend of mine, alj.

Nothing too special here, just me experimenting with splatter brushing.

I made this one in fear that I had been getting rusty. Gotta keep oiled up. ^-^

Made this one for a battle as well, although I can't remember against who exactly.

Mostly smudge here. 
(I'll make a tutorial on smudging at some point)

Secret Cavern
Mostly smudge here as well, I made this for a battle against a friend, TJFX.

Well, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to leave them in a comment below. Thanks for reading.



  1. The Riddick one is incredible man! Love this style

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  3. nice assassins creed wallpaper

  4. Love the colors in the Riddick and Assassins creed ones

  5. I really like the Assassin's creed one as well.

  6. The Assassins Creed one is really nice bro. Keep it up

  7. Damn that ghost one is awesome. I'm subscribing :)


  8. those tags are epic!! would it be possible for you to make a tutorial on the first one?

  9. Wow so simple to do, yet the outcome is amazing, thanks for the info!